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  • A Broken Heart

    Let's start at the beginning...

    Our Innocence

    In one way or another each of us has been wounded. In order to develop the matrix of consciousness upon which our being can grow, our childhood innocence must in some manner and at some point in time be taken away from us. Whether the destruction of our innocence was brutal and extended, or precise and swift, does not so much matter. What matters is that, at some point, like now, we gain the clarity about what happened to us from the perspective of a bigger picture about the process we are involved in. What is important is that we come to understand the necessity, value and use of shattered innocence.


    Innocence may be shattered through being betrayed, abandoned, or abused, through losing something you cherish, or being stuck with something you hate. One person’s innocence is shattered by being born prematurely and living their first three months in a plastic incubator. Another person’s innocence is shattered by being sent to public school when they are five years old. Someone else’s innocence is destroyed by the psycho-emotional terrors perpetrated on their family by an alcoholic father or a choleric mother, by a disease or an accident requiring surgery, by being sexually molested or by someone close suddenly dying, by natural disaster or the effect of war.


    Whatever exactly happened to you, whatever story you produce about what happened, the consequence of the wounding will be the same at the moment of the wounding as it is now, even if the wounding was lifetimes ago. The result of the wounding will be objective, having the same result from person to person. The result of your wounding is a broken heart.

  • Map of Mixed Emotions

  • Mixed Emotions

    Let's start at the beginning...

    Much disempowerment occurs through unconsciously mixing the four root feelings together.
    For example, when you mix anger and sadness together you will have an experience known as depression. Depression is simply the name that has been given to what it feels like to blend anger with sadness. You can have the experience of depression any time you want simply by mixing anger and sadness together. You can also end the experience of depression any time you want simply by separating the anger and sadness from each other and experiencing and expressing each of them in their pure form.


    The same is true for the other feeling mixes, as is shown in the Map of Mixed Feelings.

    • Mixing sadness and fear creates isolation or despair.
    • Mixing anger and fear creates hysteria.
    • Mixing sadness and joy creates nostalgia, sentimentality or melancholy.
    • Mixing joy and fear creates the excitement of careless risk taking.
    • Mixing anger and joy creates schadenfreude: feeling glad when someone else loses or feels pain.
    • Mixing three feelings together creates sensations that are particularly gripping, such as superiority, jealousy, greed, envy, guilt, shame, vengeance, and lack of self-esteem. Because three feelings are involved and the sensations are so strong, it can seem as if the situation is unresolvable. Yet three-feeling mixes can also be directly unmixed.
    • Mixing four feelings together is what causes burnout – emotional paralysis and psychological breakdown – a very confusing, disempowering and disturbing experience.


    Yet even these states can be easily and suddenly transformed when the feelings are separated and experienced in their pure form.


    I have seen this demonstrated in remarkable fashion innumerable times when persons suffering from near catatonia by mixing together three or four feelings went through the short guided process of respectfully separating their feelings one from the other. These people suddenly regained levels of functionality and relationship they had not experienced in years, if ever.


    This is a revolutionary discovery, as yet unknown in modern society. Even healing practitioners, for the most part, do not yet teach the simple inner navigation skills of separating the feelings. And they could. Here is the thoughtmap.


    Although largely unknown in mainstream culture, having clarity about mixed feelings is a cornerstone of next culture. If you are a psychotherapist, mediator, trainer, consultant, healer or nurse and you demand that your clients separate their feelings while they communicate, you may be shocked by how effectively this procedure brings a person back into their own natural health and sanity.


    Here is a scary question: how many people take brain drugs or are locked away in institutions simply because they submit themselves to the belief system of a society that does not yet have clarity about mixed feelings?


    Bringing feelings clarity into mainstream society starts with teaching teachers. If you care about children then you have a job on your bench: find ways to require teachers in modern-society schools to gain adult level feeling skills and communications training as elements of their qualification before being certified to work as a teacher.